Factor Analysis: Problems in Conducting Research on Bachelor of Business Administration Students, Northern Rajabhat University

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Sumintorn Bautham
Jakret Mettathamrong
Thitiworada Sangsawang
Pharnnapha Chuebang


Research is one of the required courses for undergraduate students in business administration at Northern Rajabhat University. It allows the students to go through various stages of conducting research. Therefore, problems can arise during this process, from defining research issues, instruments to translating results and discussing the findings. This research aims to analyse factors concerning problems that business administration majors face in conducting research. Data were collected from questionnaires completed on reliability test at 0.971 by a specific sample of 729 students who have studied research classes or are
studying research lessons from Northern Rajabhat Universities. The statistics used to analyze the data were mean, standard deviation. And factor analysis. A total of 686 completed questionnaires can be
analyzed. This research found that problems of conducting research consist of two factors. One is factor of
defining research issues and the other is of research operation. The data were also analyzed for both CFA with continuous factor indicators and second-order factor analysis and the same two components were found. Data Collection is the most problematic in conducting research, followed on insufficient research data via electronic media and data analysis respectively. The findings reflect the bachelor of business
administration curriculum of Northern Rajabhat Universities should review and support students’ data
collection in order to ensure that their research process is effective and efficient. In addition, the research database should be sufficiently enhanced through electronic media and enhance the skills to analyze
research data so that students have adequate databases, as well as to establish the skills to analyze
research data properly and appropriately.


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Bautham ส. ., Mettathamrong จ. ., Sangsawang ฐ. ., & Chuebang พ. . (2021). Factor Analysis: Problems in Conducting Research on Bachelor of Business Administration Students, Northern Rajabhat University. JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY, 14(2), 96–106. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journal_sct/article/view/245600
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