Roles of the Elderly Group on Participation Development Social Community and Local in area of Ban Kluai Municipality Meung District Sukhothai

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Thutsapong Wongsawad
Tienchai Tongvinitsin


Problems related to the elderly care and lack of encouragement to participate in major social
activities can cause people of old ages to be stressed, unhappy and less confident. Thus, they may be
unable to develop their potential and adapt themselves to live in this social changes. The objectives of this research were to 1) study the roles of the elderly and their participation for social, community and local
development in Ban Kluai Municipality; 2) compare their roles in relation to different individual factors; and 3) study the relationship between their roles and social support from family and self-health awareness.
A group of 353 elderly individuals who live in Ban Kluai Sub-district was selected by simple random
sampling, without replacement method. A questionnaire was used as the instrument. Results indicated that the elderly’s role and their participation for social, community and local development is at a moderate level. Their personal factors affect the differences in their participation towards the development at .05 level of statistical significance. When examining the difference in each-pair using an LSD method, it was found
that those who like religious, sport and recreation activities exhibited a statistically and significantly
difference at .05 level. Overall, there was a relationship between their roles for the development and social encouragement from family and self-health awareness at a high level, at .05 level of significance, in the same direction. Results of this study have been applied in different projects in Ban Kuai Municipality through
cooperation from individuals from the private sector who are experts in the elderly. They work as
volunteers to care and help the elderly within the community. Among these projects are home visits and proactive health examinations, promoting local activities in every community, community engagement in the
preparation of the annual plan and increase the sufficient budget to the elderly in the area.



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