Development of Village Health Volunteers for Taking Care of the Elderly with Hypertension Using the 3As Model

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Somrudee Arunjit
Ratthayanaphit Ratchatawan
Wanlapa Dissara


Caring for older adults with hypertension is very important to prevent possible complications. Care givers and village health volunteers (VHVs) are people who take care of older adults but these home visits are unable to sufficiently cover all dimensions. It is on the basis of this reason that this research project aims at comparing the effectiveness of development of VHVs for taking care of the older adults with hypertension by 3As Model before and after and comparing blood pressure level of older adults before and after receiving care. Participants of the study include 20 elderly people and 20 VHVs. Three types of research instruments were used namely: a questionnaire on personal data, a test on the effectiveness of development of VHVs for taking care of the older adults with hypertension by 3As model, and a follow-up form to the effectiveness of development of VHVs. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics: percentage, median, interquartile and non-parametric inferential statistic, Wilcoxon-Signed-Rank Test. It was found that the development of VHVs for taking care of the elderly with hypertension by 3As Model, was more effective and had higher ability to do home visits than before using 3As Model. This results in lower blood pressure level of the elderly after receiving care at .05 of statistical significance.



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Arunjit ส., Ratchatawan ร. ., & Dissara ว. (2021). Development of Village Health Volunteers for Taking Care of the Elderly with Hypertension Using the 3As Model. JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY, 14(2), 39–48. Retrieved from
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