Making Decisions for Investment in Polyculture Farming of Giant Freshwater Prawns and Litopenaeus vannamai in Soil Ponds Owned by Farmers in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom

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Tippawan Rittichai
Chudapon Sonpakdee


          Investment in prawn farming involves high risk. Therefore, careful examination before making investment decisions is very crucial. This study aimed to examine the process of prawn culture, including pond characteristics, sources of prawn species and process; 2) the cost and return; and 3) the feasibility of an investment project in mixed shrimp farming between white Vannamei and giant freshwater prawns in soil ponds owned by farmers in Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom Province. The farmers were selected using snowball sampling method (n=30). Research instruments were open-ended interview questions. Data were group and analysed qualitatively using Excel. Results showed that the suitable size of ponds should be 5 rai per unit. The polyculture can start from raising the giant fresh water prawns for 20-30 days, then release the Vannamai type into the same pond. This process will take 3 months. The feasibility analysis of investment in the project can be done at 4 ponds on an area of over 20 rais (1 rai = 1,600 sqm), 3 ponds on an area of more than 10-20 rais, and 1 pond on 1-10 rais. The payback period of 0.94, 1.06 and 2.5 years respectively. The net present values are at 1,132,853.31, 797,605.41, 97,860.50 baht with the internal rate of returns at 96.18%, 83.87%, and 29.21% respectively. In addition, the number of farming of more than 1 pond had different investment cash flow amounts but the net present value was still positive. Moreover, the internal rate of return was greater than the discount rate plus inflation or capital cost. As a result, the investment in shrimp farming mixed between white Vannamei shrimps and giant freshwater prawn can help make an interested parties or groups of farmers who are interested in investing can make an investment because they can generate positive returns.


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Rittichai, T. ., & Sonpakdee, C. . (2022). Making Decisions for Investment in Polyculture Farming of Giant Freshwater Prawns and Litopenaeus vannamai in Soil Ponds Owned by Farmers in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom : . JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY, 15(1), 95–109. Retrieved from
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Tippawan Rittichai, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus

สำเร็จการศึกษาระกับปริญญาโท บธ.ม. บัญชี


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