Development of Achievement by Using A Decoding Method Design Thinking in Principles of Communication System Course


  • Saranyaras Tongsawai Faculty of industrial education Rajamangala university of technology Suvarnabhumi Suphanburi


Achievement, Instructional Package, Design Thinking


This researchers aims to study and development of achievement by using a decoding method design thinking in Principles of Communication System course. The research instruments were instructional package, the performance instructional package, test, the satisfaction form samples group were 15 students in Technology course of Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi Suphanburi, 2019. The research results were as follows the degree of the opinions of experts assessment  was high level  (). Comparing score the results before studying and after class find out that the student post-study score is higher than the average total test score of 12.00 (Paired T-Test = 18.33) and the satisfaction score of the design thinking instructional package is a high level (). After experiments and the data showed that the efficiency of 83.60 / 89.60 which was higher achievement scores.  as the overview of the instructional package is suitable for the development of teaching and learning in the Principles of Communication System course. To effectively stimulate student learning processes.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)