Transforming the Role of the State: Limitations and Challenges under the New Public Governance Concept


  • Sanchai Ratthanakwan Lecturer in Public Administration, College of Politics and Government, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University


Public Administration, New Public Governance, Limitations and Challenges


This article aims to introduce the concept of New Public Governance which aims to discuss and explain the importance of the concept and to analyze the limitations and challenges in applying it to public administration in Thailand. The concept of New Public Governance gives importance to multiple sectors in society and encourages joint decision-making by diverse actors. Prioritize networking, partnerships and deliberative forums that create a space for the community to participate in public administration. However, public administration in Thailand, which is a closed political system, has become a problem and limitation because the participation of various sectors in society is rare in a non-democratic society. In terms of structure, social opportunities are not open enough to create shared values of democracy and values of public interest and bureaucracy that are deeply rooted in the administration of the Thai public sector, which is a significant limitation to public administration. The challenge of public administration in Thailand is about cooperation between central government agencies, regional and local government agencies and various sectors in society. Public service management in a new way must create awareness of society to create shared value or collective consciousness and the importance of publicity will lead to the goal of administration for the benefit of the public.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)