Reflectivity of pre-service language teachers echoed through blogs


  • Yonca Ozkan Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education, Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey


blogging, blog-embedded course, pre-service teacher education, reflectivity, reflectivity levels


     The benefits that technology may bring into individuals' personal and educational lives are unquestionable. With this observation, the current case study defined the reflectivity levels of 53 Turkish pre-service language teachers in a blog-based course titled Global­ ization in ELT. Blog entry journals created by participants as well as interviews were analyzed, and the findings suggested that reflectivity at a descriptive level topped the list, followed by dialogic and critical levels, respectively. The interviews yielded mostly positive aspects of blog technology, which was, by no means, immune to susceptibilities, in that it did also lead to overtime spent on a machine necessitating scheduled input in line with course assignments and requirements. The findings obtained from this study clearly illustrated a varying increase in course content reflectivity among the participants. With this finding, the study may have significant implications for teacher educators aiming to utilize this facility as part of their educational programs.


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