Consumers’ needs and purchasing decision behaviors of bio-products


  • Thongchai Srivardhana Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10900, Thailand


bio-products, consumer needs, consumer behaviors, green products, purchasing decision


     Although the concepts of bio-products can be closely consistent with green product concepts, this paper proposes that not all green products can be categorized as bio-products. Whereas numerous marketing scholars have contributed greatly to our knowledge regarding green products, not many scholars focused on emerging bio-products. This paper is among pioneering articles attempting to explore marketing and consumer behavior concepts regarding bio-products. Using a qualitative approach and a focus group technique to collect the data from several groups of Thai bio-product consumers and experts, this paper reports that: 1) the three bio-product industries with the most potential are food and beverage, medicine and herbs, and cosmetics: 2) the main buying decision is to improve internal good health rather than external good appearance: and 3) marketing communication strategy, branding, and tangible quality certification can build creditability and are important elements to foster the demand for and the purchase decision process of bio-products.


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