Variations in climate change adaptation among households of different ethnicities in mountainous areas of Vietnam

  • Thi Minh Hang Bui Institute of International Education, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration, Thai Nguyen 250000, Vietnam
Keywords: adaptive capacity, climate change, ethnic minority, farm households, Vietnam


This study assesses differences in climate change adaptation among households of different ethnicities in two mountainous provinces in Northeast Vietnam. A structured questionnaire was used to interview 108 households of the Kinh ethnic majority and 182 households of various ethnic minorities, which were selected randomly. Results showed that the ethnic minority households relied on reducing expenditures, selling assets or on external support before adjusting their agricultural practices while the Kinh households tended to adjust their agricultural activities to adapt over the longterm, including both adjustments in agricultural activities and diversification away from agriculture. The main reasons for the ethnic minority households not to apply adaptive strategies were more closely linked to their perception and awareness of climate change rather than economic factors such as financial constraints, lack of technology or lack of information. Meanwhile, these economic factors were the main barriers to application of adaptive strategies for the Kinh households.


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