A teacher development model based on coaching and Professional Learning Community (PLC) to enhance foreign teachers’ effective teaching ability in Thailand


  • Henry Yuh Anchunda Department of Education, Faculty of Education, Naresuan University, Mueang Phitsanulok, Phitsanulok 65000, Thailand


coaching, effective teaching ability, foreign teachers, professional learning community, teacher development model


The research aims were to: develop and assess the quality, implement and compare teachers’ effective teaching ability with a criterion of 80 percent, investigate teachers’ satisfaction and perception towards a teacher development model based on coaching and PLC to enhance foreign teachers’ effective teaching ability and follow up teachers’ classroom performance after the model implementation. The sample consisted of 45 foreign teachers from Matthayom Taksin Rayong School purposefully selected. The research instruments included: an effective teaching ability assessment test, model, model manual, model and model manual evaluation form and satisfaction questionnaire and semi-structured interview guide. Data were analyzed using percentages, descriptive statistics and content analysis. The results revealed that: (1) The developed model consisted of 5 components: principle, objective, learning content, learning instruction and evaluation. The teacher development model was at the highest level of appropriateness (x̅ = 4.58, SD = 0.06). A pilot study revealed that the model was suitable for teacher development. (2) Generally, teachers’ effective teaching ability after model implementation was at 85.44 percent, which is higher than the stated criteria of 80 percent. (3) Teachers’ satisfaction and perceptions towards the model were positive and at the highest level (x̅ = 4.57, SD = 0.19). A follow up revealed high satisfaction from students and the school administrators as there was great improvement on the teachers’ performance after model implementation.


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