The S-CP2D model: The process of building the intimate relationship among MSM -Men who have an intimate relationship or sexual intercourse with men- within Twitter


  • Benjarong Tirapalika Doctor of Philosophy Program in Communication, Faculty of Business Economics and Communication, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok 65000, Thailand


communication, intimate relationship, men who have an intimate relationship with men, Twitter, virtual community


In Thai society, MSM issues are presented in almost every area of mass communication. The challenge for the MSM group is to reveal their identities and build an intimate relationship in an offline space. However, the problem was not framed appropriately according to Thai traditions. As a result, the MSM group has sought to find spaces and communication channels to present their identities and intimate relationships. Most of the research topics are regarding the expression of identities, behaviours, and relationships in a specific space on the internet, but no researches focus on the process and content of the communication for building this intimate relationship in the online area. This is an essential aspect of the exposure and pursuit of friendship from the online to the offline space. Hence, this research aimed to study the process of revealing an intimate relationship through Twitter. The data collection method was Netnography with in-depth interviews with well-known accounts and diverse sexual preference. Then, data were analysed and discussed based on the concept of an intimate relationship. Four levels of building intimate relationships were revealed as the S-CP2D model, which is as follows: (1) Self-Creation; (2) Self- Presentations; (3) Self-Disclosure; and (4) Self-Decision to building or breaking a relationship. Moreover, this research found the development of an intimacy relationship concept in the middle of the online and offline context, which is a result from the change of the current communication channel.


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