E-Learning implementation in law and civics department:A comprehensive evaluation from students’, teachers’, and parents’perspectives


  • I Gusti Ketut Arya Sunu Education Administration Study Program, Postgraduate Program, Ganesha University of Education, Singaraja, Bali 8116, Indonesia


CIPP, e-learning evaluation, lecturers’ responses, parents’ responses, students’ responses


A comprehensive evaluation involving teachers, students, and parents is essential to ensure that e-learning is carried out effectively. This is because teachers, students, and parents are very important components in implementing the learning process. Thus, this study aimed to comprehensively evaluate the application of e-learning in the Law and Civics Department, Ganesha University of Education. This research was conducted using the Content Input Process Product (CIPP) evaluation theory. Data were collected using a questionnaire distributed to students, lecturers and parents. This study involved 235 students, 235 parents, and 19 lecturers. The researchers analyzed the data quantitatively by using descriptive statistical analysis. The evaluation results showed that the students and lecturers gave positive responses toward the application of e-learning. However, many parents gave negative responses toward e-learning implementation, especially from the process and product aspects. The detailed results of the evaluation from the students’, lecturers’, and parents’ perspectives and the CIPP aspects are discussed in this article.


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