The effectiveness of utilizing the productive pedagogies framework as a reflection instrument in teaching and learning of mathematics


  • Suhendra Mathematics Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, West Java 40154, Indonesia


mathematics learning, productive pedagogies framework, teaching reflection


Many students have struggled to comprehend why they were required to study mathematics, which was viewed as a challenging subject. The condition caused by teaching of mathematics has not led to students understanding why they need to study mathematics. In this regard, it is important to enable all students to realize why they study mathematics, then encourage them to learn mathematics with pleasure. Furthermore, the teachers can evaluate how effective their efforts are and reflect on the results of implementing the efforts. This study explored the feasibility of utilizing the Productive Pedagogies framework as a reflection instrument in the teaching of mathematics. Four teacher-participants were included in this action research. Data were collected during the research cycles using classroom observations, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and completed by teaching reflection. The purpose of the study was to examine how teachers managed their mathematics classes by utilizing the elements of the Productive Pedagogical framework. Furthermore, the teachers evaluated their performance and reflected on the achievement of utilizing the framework in their lessons. They then used the results to better prepare for the next lessons. The study concluded that after the teachers utilized the framework in their mathematics teaching, they were able to: promote better teaching by applying different points of view; do self-assessment and reflect on their teaching; and develop peer feedback among their peers. In addition, the teachers used the reflections toward the lessons to help them improve the standard for their upcoming lessons.


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