Wisdom in “Kob-Nok-Ka-La” Comic Book Series


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intellectual life, comic, Kob-Nok-Ka-La


The research aimed to study intellectual life presentation techniques in the “KobNok-Ka-La” comic book series and its roles in society. 50 comic books of the series are included in the study books in the series. The results of study have found that the comic book series, “Kob-Nok-Ka-La”, employed five techniques in the presentation of wisdom. The Question-Answer technique consisted of 4 methods: 1) Ob Ob asked and an expert answered, 2) Ob Ob asked and the Kob-NokKa-La team answered, 3) the Kob-Nok-Ka-La team asked and Ob Ob answered, and 4) the Kob-Nok-Ka-La team asked and the expert answered. The explanation technique was used for providing particular knowledge such as science, tradition and culture, and legend or folklore. Apart from the two techniques, the “Kob-Nok-Ka-La” comic book series also employed the actual setting or field work technique, the story-intervention or legendintervention technique, and the character technique in the presentation of intellectual life. This was also found that the “Kob-Nok-Ka-La” comic book series played an important role in society in three aspects: entertainment, wisdom presentation, and cultural promotion. The techniques of presentation and the role of the series suggested how the presentation of knowledge in the area of arts and culture played an influential role in society. The presentation of wisdom in the series emphasized the value of arts and culture that helped enhance wisdom building in Thai society.




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