Development of Unregistered Trademark Protection Rules Under Trademark Act B.E.2534

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Tidarat Nangsue
Sirichai Mongkolkiatsri


Section 46, paragraph two under the Trademark Act B.E.2534 prescribes the rights of unregistered trademark owner about litigation. This provision is about the passing off, which means someone sells his goods by fraudulent that it is an unregistered trademark
owner’s goods. In present, there are any kinds of passing off development such as passing off by advertising; passing off by put the other trademark in unregistered trademark owner’s goods and etc. These passing off differ from passing off in the provision; it is a restriction of the unregistered trademark owner’s rights to sue in the case of passing off. Therefore, this paper presents the results of the study on the development of unregistered trademark protection rules under the Trademark Act B.E.2534.
The study found that unregistered trademark owners are protected only in the case of passing off. Therefore, it should define the definition of passing off in Section 4 of the Trademark Act B.E. 2534. It will make most people understand about passing off. Another result it should amend about the rights of unregistered trademark owner in Section 46, paragraph two; by expanding the scope of the rights before litigation and the exception for person, who uses owner’s unregistered trademark in good faith.


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Nangsue, Tidarat, and Sirichai Mongkolkiatsri. “Development of Unregistered Trademark Protection Rules Under Trademark Act B.E.2534”. Naresuan University Law Journal 12, no. 2 (December 25, 2019): 113-141. Accessed March 9, 2021.
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