The Role of Intelligence for Narcotics Control

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ปัณฑ์ชนิต สมุทรสาคร
ศรัณย์ ธิติลักษณ์


This research article is of two objectives: to study the impenitence of intelligence for

narcotics control and suppression, and to find a way and present for the intelligence process to

control narcotics. The research was a qualitative and collected data by an in-depth interview from

five key Performance who were positioned as an executive in the Office of the Narcotic Control

Board Ministry of Justice, Narcotic Suppression Bureau, and Armed Forces Securities Center.

Moreover, reference data were collected from research reports, official documents and related

resources in order to analyze and integrate with the result of the in-depth interviews.

The result found that the role of intelligence is myriad significant that differentiate from

common news. It was conveyed to develop by five factors as following; 1) Manpower, 2) Plan

and strategy, 3) Budget, 4) Technology and 5) Non-traditional threats. They will be practical

and applied Thailand’s intelligence in order to suppress the drug’s problem.


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