Space Affair for Security: Future Challenges

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At present, space affair is one of the important powers that can create national interests

that have a different perspective. Especially in security work, space required is one of the modern

combat areas the parties seeking to gain benefits from deep space. This matter can better be

a supporting factor for having advantages in war. Recently, the Ministry of Defense has given

importance to the development of space activities for security in 3 areas, including communications

satellites, remote sensing satellites and space surveillance. There is seen continuous cooperation

with other relevant agencies. However, the development of space affair needs technology

use, personnel capacity building and a large amount of budget in operation. Combined with

current technology, it is necessary to encourage security agencies to use space resources in

conjunction with civilian agencies based on safety use. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense

should cooperate its space affairs with related agencies, especially in the preparation of large

projects for the whole country. As well, improving the operation at the policy and operational level

of the Ministry of Defense is recommended for the maximum benefits and stability of the country.


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