Additional Strategy for Thailand’s Foreign Policy to Counterbalance Influences of The U.S. and China

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Ektewan Manowong


In this new era of U.S.-China competition, Thailand needs to establish a more nuanced or nimble

foreign policy for an effective hedging strategy that can protect and advance its interests as well as

avoid being dictated to by the U.S. and China. Through documentary research, this article investigates

how the existing engagement with other major powers helps Thailand to counterbalance the influence

of China and the U.S., and also explores if there would be future potential for developing more

effective policy through greater engagement with other major powers, middle powers, and multilateral

mechanisms. This study finds that the future regional competitions among the major powers will likely

intensify and Thailand will retain its geopolitical importance so that Thailand needs to diversify its

foreign relations by strengthening relations with other major and middle powers, while also deepening

its engagement with multilateral institutions, with first priority placed on greater economic engagement

and second priority on greater security cooperation.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)