Factors Affecting Operational Effifficiency in the Procurement Process of Government Agencies: A Case Study of Quartermaster Department Royal Thai Army

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Thattaya Duangjarat
Phat Pisitkasem


The objectives of this research are to study the differences of personal factors affecting the operational efficiency in government procurement process and to study the relationship between procurement strategy factors (4M: Man, Method, Machine, Money) as well as other factors which affect operational efficiency in the procurement process of government agencies. The sample group comprises civil servants, permanent employees and 84 government employees involving in the procurement process of the Quartermaster Department Royal Thai Army. The research instruments include: 1) using fishbone diagrams for finding the causes of problems and 2) using opinion survey responses. The data were analyzed using a read-made software through descriptive statistics and inferential statistics consisting of percentage, mean, standard deviation, and correlation analysis, while the differences were tested using the T-test and the difference of variance test (F-test). The results showed that most of the respondents were female non-commissioned officers, aged 31-35 years, with a bachelor's degree and more than 15 years of work experience. By overall, satisfaction of the procurement strategy factors (4M), other factors and operational efficiency were at the high and highest level of agreement. According to hypothesis testing, the result revealed the some personal factors including different gender class ranks, and work experience affected the different operational efficiency in the speed of operation, whereas different class ranks and educational levels affected the different operational efficiency in the accuracy of procurement. Moreover, the factor of procurement strategy (4M) and other factors had a relationship with the operational efficiency both in term of the speed of operation and the accuracy of procurement with statistical significance at the level of 0.05, excluding method factors which did not correlate with the operational efficiency of the accuracy of procurement.


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