Social Welfare Law in Thailand


  • มาดี ลิ่มสกุล, อาจารย์ ดร. Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University


Law, Social Welfare


This research aims to study the concept and development of social welfare law. Review the concept of international agreements and international law to compare the essence related to the welfare of all human life. To analyze, synthesize and link data from the study of other laws related to social welfare. To be useful in the improvement of social welfare legislation. As well as for in-depth analysis on the limitations of the law on social welfare and related secondary legislation. And to study ways to improve the welfare law provides links to related legal system. The findings revealed that Law on Social Welfare of Thailand limitations provisions oriented management. When considering comparative Thailand and international law legislation in 9 issues including the intent of the law on social welfare, the structure of the Committee on Social Welfare, national and local level, the authority of the Committee on Social Welfare at national and local level, the implementation of organization and the authority of the state, the target the client, social welfare funds, monitoring the work of the Committee on Social Welfare, the participation of people in social welfare law. Finally, the law enforcement and punishment of the Committee on Social Welfare or social worker. It found that the law should improve both the ninth. The important recommendations that should enact federal legislation governing the management of social welfare issue requiring the administration of social welfare from the national to the local level. The establishment of the Committee on Social Welfare, which is a legal entity which is not a government agency and state enterprises. But under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. There should be appointed the Local Committee decentralized to reduce the central government to local authorities and to reduce duplication of work. And should impose sanctions for acts of bad faith in the performance of social welfare.


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