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Rajit Khongharn
Pawat Prompanit


Tourism is a business that can generate enormous revenue for many countries and a business that is highly competitive. This form of tourism is diverse as well. Different experiences and tastes of tourists. The need to learn the unique characteristics of the client. In Thailand today, many tourism-related businesses and services. Visitors have a wide variety of tastes can be based on purchasing power by age groups and businesses so that entrepreneurs focus on the target. Probably not a good idea because it will make the market direction, so it should have a clear goal. The target group is very interesting now is a group of tourists on a tour tasteful luxury (Luxury Tourism), a group that has great potential. And is gaining popularity in the tourism theme. Since it is available for groups of people, but can create a lot of money. To sell products and services to this group of people is not easy. The study shows the characteristics of this group of customers who want products and services is unique, which is the accepted standard. The specially selected products offering a new experience memorable and specialist services. With a focus on adding value to the image of tourists travel each and elegant style with. As a form of goods and services that are extremely detailed presentation. A challenge for those interested in luxury tourism market. Primarily due to reduced business travel management, and service oriented group of tourists on a lot of potential, but not much. This will require building relationships with customers differences create an advantage in the competition. Creating Value and the identity of Thailand will be the key to the sustainability of the luxury travel industry.


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