The Management of Thai Halal Hotels: A Case Study of Hotels in Pattani

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Parichard Benrit
Sukhumvit Saiyasopon


Muslim tourists are considered potential customers who are main market targets of several countries including Thailand.  However, Thailand still lacks of in-depth study of Muslim tourists, especially, in terms of Halal hotel. Therefore, this study aims to investigate general characteristics of Halal hotels as well as the application of the characteristics of Halal hotels in Thailand. This research was conducted by collecting data regarding the characteristics of Halal hotels from Halal hotels in Middle Eastern countries and Malaysia. Afterwards, the in-depth interview was used with hotel managers and hotel directors in Pattani. The result showed that hotels in Pattani follow principles of Halal hotels which are providing Halal food approved by Halal food standards and offering certified Halal food services for tourism. In addition, these Halal hotels provide their Muslim customers with prayer rooms together with prayer cloths and prayer mats. They also have bedrooms with Qibla pointers indicating the direction to face to perform ritual prayers. In bathrooms, there are clean water taps for purifying oneself before prayer. As for the hotel staff, most of them are Muslims who dress properly according to Islamic principles. Concerning opinions of entrepreneurs on putting Halal policy into practice, most of them strongly agree that the application of Halal policy will bring benefits to their hotel business.  


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Benrit, P., & Saiyasopon, S. (2018). The Management of Thai Halal Hotels: A Case Study of Hotels in Pattani. Journal of Thai Hospitality and Tourism, 13(2), 66–77. Retrieved from
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