Customer Expectation and Perception of the Service Quality of Front Office Staff in Five Star Hotels

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Chollada Mongkhonvanit
Rattanaporn Chattiwong


The objectives of this study are to assess customer expectation and their perception of the service quality of front office staff in five star hotels. Based on the SERVQUAL instrument (Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry (1990), service quality consists of five dimension and questionnaires were collected to obtain relevant date. A total of 341 valid questionnaires were collected from 208 Thai and 133 international customer at 26 different five star hotels.

            The findings of these study indicate that both Thai and international customers’ expectations and perceptions of the service quality of front office staff are high. However, in terms of “tangibility”, international customers were not satisfied with the contract service time, expertise and problem solving abilities of from office staff. Furthermore it has been found that customers were dissatisfied with the overall “Responsiveness”, “Assurance” and “Dimension” overall.

            In addition, the results of this study also indicated that, with a statistical significance of 0.05, there was no difference between Thai and foreign customer perceptions of service quality of front office staff in the five star hotels.


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