The Study of Characteristics of Foreign Tourists in Visiting Thailand

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Chanathip Soponpimol
Jatupat Mekparyup


          The purpose of this research was to study the characteristics of foreign tourists in visiting Thailand from January 2010 to July 2016 by using cluster analysis. The research results showed that foreign tourists were divided into 3 clusters, Cluster #1: Asia countries, Cluster #2: America and Europe countries and Russia and Cluster #3: Oceania and South Africa countries. Furthermore, the regions of Thailand, which the majority group (Asia countries) popularly visited were separated 3 groups, Group #1: North, West and Central regions including Bangkok, Group #2: East and South regions and Group #3: Northeast region.


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Soponpimol, C., & Mekparyup, J. (2019). The Study of Characteristics of Foreign Tourists in Visiting Thailand. Journal of Thai Hospitality and Tourism, 14(2), 44–51. Retrieved from
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