Thainess Tourism by Cultural Railway Route

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Manachanok Jullasikkee


This article aims to review literature from a variety of scholars to present the concept of Thainess tourism by cultural railway route. Which discusses the meaning of Thainess tourism. History of Thainess tourism, Cultural Tourism Train. Tourism in a form of cultural tourism train which is gaining the attention of tourists. Because of the train journey to see the beautiful scenery on both sides. Historic sites, religious places, culture, handicrafts as well as many natural attractions. And to develop the quality and variety of goods and services in the area. To increase revenue from the expansion of the tourist market. The upper northern provinces area 1 has organized the Lampang, Lampoon and Chiangmai Cultural Tourism Activities under the Tourism Development Program Plan to promote the arts and culture tourism. Which corresponds to the government policy. It was joined with the State Railway of Thailand. Organized the signing ceremony of the cooperation to promote tourism activities on the Lampang, Lampoon and Chiangmai culture along the government's policy to promote tourism from both the outside and within the country. Because the upper northern provinces area 1 are a group of provinces with beautiful landscapes. Solid natural resources with a complete ecological system, good climate, the population have a very old way of life, traditions, cultures, and biodiversity. Which is suitable for tourism. Including the services of hotels, standard restaurants, Land and Air transportations link to facilitate tourists as well as convenient.


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