Knowledge of Local Philosophic Lore in Mudmee Silk from Chonnabot, Khon Kaen, for Creative Tourism

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Khunyarin Chaijan


            The objectives of this paper were to: 1) explore the explicit knowledge of local sages in Mudmee silk production; 2) investigate the concepts and techniques of resource management used by local sages and related agencies; and 3) analyze the problems and issues of knowledge management in Mudmee silk production in the Chonnabot District, Khon Kaen, by using a qualitative research study. In-depth interviews with semi-structured questions are one of the research tools, as well as intensive observation in the area to gather information from sages who are crucial in adding value to local culture in order to become a model of creative tourism.

The results of the study revealed that: 1) the Mudmee silk cultural legacy in the area is classified as traditional handicrafts. Artisanal expertise has been passed down through generations. Learning begins with grandparents passing down information within the family and creating designs and patterns on Mudmee silk inspired by lifestyle, nature, environment, beliefs, and traditions; 2) individual knowledge transfer recounts methods through hands-on experience to family or weaving group participants. Mudmee's silk production processes change in accordance with consumer market demand. Local government agencies support, promote, and enhance skills, techniques, and weaving processes by collecting data in several ways, including establishing learning resources; and 3) major problems and obstacles are: lack of written guidelines; isolated work conditions and resulting lack of weaving knowledge exchange; as well as the absence of instructional motivation, diffusion of information, or specific target groups.

Local sages' wisdom and knowledge are regarded as creative tourism products that can be leveraged to encourage involvement. The community can build participatory, creative tourist activities by extracting values or cultural ways and encouraging tourists to continue to participate in the activities of the local sage community.


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