A Development of the Basic Tourist Guide Course Training Indicators for Higher Education Institutes in Thailand that Comply with the Tourist Business and Tourist Guide Act B.E. 2551

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Penpim Phuangsuwan
et al.


This study was to develop the indicators for the basic tourist guide course training management that comply with the Tourist Business and Tourist Guide Act B.E. 2551 for the Higher Education Institutes in Thailand. The researcher searched for the theories and concepts on general training management and reviewed the research papers on the tourist guide training management directly and, furthermore, the 20 key informants from 10 Higher education Institutes of 52 higher education institutes that trained the tourist guide nominees regularly were interviewed by the researcher with the semi structure procedure. The triangulation method is used to verify the data by changing the informants from each institute and the conclusion was presented by the concepts of Miles and Huberman (Miles & Huberman, 1994, pp. 134-135) on data organizing, data display and data conclusion, interpretation and verification. The result is the 7 factors for the indicators on Tourist guide training management i.e. the Objective factor, the Advertising and Public Relations Factor, the Personnel Factor, the Budget Factor, the Planning Factor, the Operation Factor, and the Achievement Factor.  The research will be an indicator derived by the actual operating experiment to experiment, training guides as an indicator to analyze the synthetic process.


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