Application of Google Earth in Advertising Development: An Introduction of Tourist Routes in the Chanthaburi Province by Adopting Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Wachirathorn Janchomphu Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok Chantaburi Campus
  • Supunnee Pladsrichuay
Keywords: Multimedia, Three-dimensional digital tourism presentation system, Online Marketing


In Chanthaburi Province, there are a great number of cultural and historical sites. As these tourist attractions are popularly visited by both Thai and foreign travelers, tourism can generate income for the locals. This affects the national income and requires the invention of digital marketing tools for income distribution and value creation by establishing communication through advertising media which introduce the tourist routes in the Chanthaburi Province, offer entertainment, and develop interaction, popularity, particularity, and word-of-mouth marketing strategies. In this study, one of the Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities, namely Google Earth which can provide lines, points, polygons, and rasters was employed to create advertising media which enable the audience to see physical environments, routes, distances, and locations which help plan trips and specify duration of their trips. This study aimed at 1) developing advertising media to introduce tourist routes in Chanthaburi Province, 2) exploring advertising channels implementing digital advertising strategies, and 3) carrying out a satisfaction survey on advertising media adopting the Google Earth program and advertising channels by asking closed-ended questions with approval in terms of reliability and content validity. The sample consisted of 100 participants. The obtained data were analyzed and calculated to find means and standard deviations of the three evaluation issues. The results of the study indicated that the application of Google Earth in advertising development could appropriately introduce tourist routes in the Chanthaburi Province adopting social media marketing strategies in terms of the three evaluation issues, that is, 1)contents of the advertising media, 2)media designs and formats adopting Google Earth, and 3)appropriateness of advertisement adopting social media marketing strategies.


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