Factors Affecting Changes in Credit Spreads between Government Bonds and Corporate Debentures in Thai Bond Markets

  • วรางค์รัตน์ รัตนพันธุ์
  • ชัยวุฒิ ตั้งสมชัย
  • ชานนท์ ชิงชยานุรักษ์
Keywords: Credit Spreads, Bond


This research aimed at exploring factors associating with credit spreads in Thailand’s Bond Market. Corporates bond return index, changes in the 10-year government bond yield, changes in the 3-year government bond yield, changes in the yield of 10-year government bonds minus the yield of 3-year government bonds, changes in the volatility implied by corporates bond index and changes in leverage ratio of banks and financial institutions were taken in to account. The study adopted multiple linear regression analysis by using data from 2015 - 2017. The data were collected daily. The findings revealed that factors affecting with credit spreads were changes in the yield of 10-year government bonds, changes in the yield of 10-year government bonds minus the yield of 3-year government bonds. These factors affected significantly in different direction with credit spreads. On the contrary, corporates bond return index showed a significant effect in the same direction with credit spreads.


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