Fear on Decision-Making of Recidivism Prisoner to Recommit in Drug Cases

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Chularat Ratpitaksanti
Thitiya Petmunee


This study aims to examine of the types of fear that have influenced the fear on decision-making of recidivism prisoners to recommit in drug cases. It conducts research on the hierarchy of needs to understand the basic principles of recidivism prisoners in life. When people realize that they are unable to reach their needs, fear arises, which differ according to their needs at that time. They seek to get rid of their fear by initiating the decision-making process to choose the best possible solution and lead to the decision that recidivism is the only way that will bring the best outcome for them at the time. The results of the study show that types of fear most influencing decision-making of recidivism prisoners in drug cases were the fear of losing ego, fear of life loss, fear of being neglected, and fear of losing freedom. However, the fear of deformation did not influence the decision of recidivism in drug cases.


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Ratpitaksanti, C. ., & Petmunee, T. (2021). Fear on Decision-Making of Recidivism Prisoner to Recommit in Drug Cases. NKRAFA Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 9, 19–31. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/KANNICHA/article/view/245041
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