LEARN Journal: Language Education and Acquisition Research Network adheres to the following ethical guidelines in the act of publishing:


The Editor

1. The editor must carry out an unbiased evaluation of a submitted manuscript without regard to the authors’ race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious belief, or citizenship.

2. The editor must select qualified reviewers whose area of research specialization matches the manuscript content and who have no conflict of interest with the authors.

3. The editor must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to any party other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, and the Editorial Board.

4. The editor must ensure a timely, rigorous double-blind peer review procedure.

5. The editor must ensure that a manuscript violating research ethical standards will not be published.

6. The editor must not take advantage of any information from the manuscript under review in his or her own work without permission from the author.


The Reviewers

1. The reviewers must provide fair and constructive feedback on the manuscript to the editor in a timely manner.

2. The reviewers are under an obligation to protect the confidentiality of the manuscript they review. The reviewers must not disclose any information about the submitted manuscript.

3. Reviewers who feel that they are inadequately qualified to review the assigned manuscript must notify the editor to excuse themselves from the review process for the manuscript.

4. The reviewers must alert the editor to any suspected malpractice, e.g. falsification and/or fabrication of data, or evidence of published or submitted content that is substantially similar to the manuscript under review.

5. The reviewers must be aware of any potential conflict of interest between the reviewers and the authors and therefore must withdraw their services for that manuscript.

6. The reviewers must not take advantage of any information from the manuscript under review in their own work without permission from the author and the editor.


The Authors

1. The authors must ensure that the submitted manuscripts are entirely their original works. Plagiarism in any possible form constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is prohibited.

2. The authors must not submit a manuscript that has already been published in any form or under consideration for publishing by other journals.

3. The authors must be responsible for and recognized only for their own work.

4. The authors must properly acknowledge all sources of research grants or financial support for the research project.

5. The authors should disclose in their manuscript any financial or other substantive conflict of interest that might influence the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

6. It is the authors’ responsibility to have each version of the manuscript thoroughly edited and proofread by an English native speaker.

7. If the authors’ work involves the use of animal or human subjects, the author must ensure that all research procedures were performed in compliance with relevant laws and institutional guidelines and that the appropriate institutional committee has approved them. Authors should include a statement in the manuscript that informed consent was obtained for experimentation with human participants.