Writing Matters: A Handbook for Writing and Research (Third Edition)

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Pirada Anuwech


This present book is the 3rd edition of Writing Matters: A Handbook for Writing and Research by Rebecca Moore Howard. It is one of the must-have handbooks for EFL teachers and university lecturers who teach academic writing as well as graduate students and researchers who are writing their thesis and preparing their academic papers for publication.  This finely crafted writing handbook offers significant pedagogical benefits for both lecturers and students with advanced English proficiency throughout its handy contents and highly applicable knowledge of how to write academically with appropriate grammar, language styles and presentation details. This book consists of 58 chapters grouped together into ten parts, with 863 pages of contents excluding the index and glossary of key terms. This edition contains sample student projects, diverse professional writing models, and coverage of current databases and technology. In addition, the other outstanding features of this edition include current MLA style and APA citation guidelines, a complete and practical grammar guide for composition writing, and the Writing Responsibly tutorials.


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