"Sticking Together During the COVID-19 pandemic: LINE's Role in Health Communication and Promotion the Creative Economy"


  • Alongkorn Parivudhiphongs Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University


LINE stickers; Health Communication; Creative Economy


Background and objectives (s) : The research for this paper investigated the importance of LINE stickers related to the COVID-19 pandemic in health communication and its potential association with the creative economy.

Methodology: The qualitative research method that was used focused on a content analysis of 570 series of LINE stickers sold through the Line Store from early 2020 to August 2021.

Main result: The results of the research indicate that LINE stickers emphasize words of encouragement, impacts on mental health and emotional expressions. Other popular content includes pandemic prevention, precautionary measures, warnings against fake news,
reflections on state policies and campaigns. The two main purposes of the communications are instruction/request for action and persuasion/education. The stickers offered more positive sentiments (optimism/encouraging/fun) rather than negative ones (stress/depression/ mockery). Creativity can help develop a LINE sticker business to create economic value, such as working as a character designer or an entrepreneur, obtaining intellectual property rights and building brand awareness, all of which are consistent with the concept of creative economy development in Thailand.

Relevance to Thai Studies: The research for this paper contributes to Thai Studies by offering a multidimensional analysis of how digital culture, through LINE stickers, intersects with health communication, economic innovation and societal responses to a global
health crisis. The research provides valuable insights into the role of digital technologies in contemporary Thai society, the creative economy and the potential for digital tools in enhancing public health communication and policy.

Conclusion: The study reveals LINE stickers were used in Thailand's COVID-19 response, blending health communication, economic innovation and societal resilience through digital culture. The research showcases the importance of digital tools in public health
strategies and economic growth, highlighting their impact on Thai society.


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