The representations of people in the five southern border provinces in southern local newspaper discourse


  • Umawan Chart-iyaranont Faculty of Education and Liberal Arts, Hatyai University
  • Orathai Chinakkhrapong


Representation, Southern border people, Local newspapers, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)


      The research for this article aimed to study the representations of people in the five southern border provinces. Five southern local newspapers published in 2021 were used through lexical selection based on critical discourse analysis. It was found that the representation of people in the five southern border provinces has three main aspects, 1) characteristics and personality; 2) social aspect; and 3) economic aspect. With respect to linguistic strategies used for characteristics and personality, two representations were found. First, southern border people have a sense of volunteerism and will sacrifice themselves to society. Second, southern border people love their homeland and are proud of their locality.

Two representations were found with respect to the social aspect. First, southern border people have been affected by the unsafe situation. Second, southern border people are willing to respond to government policies in the Covid-19 pandemic. With respect to the economic aspect, there are three representations. First, southern border people are rubber farmers. Second, southern border people are those who have been severely affected by the Covid-19 situation. Third, southern border people are often involved in illegal

In conclusion, all these representations clearly reflect positive and negative aspects of southern border people with the current social situation related to Covid-19 and the chaotic situation that has occurred for a long time ago and influenced by the production of the text.


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