Klong Len Son Ha at See Chang Island: Language Play in Free Day


  • Sukanya Sujachaya


Khlong Len Son Ha, Si Chang Island, King Rama V


This article aims to present the leisure activity of Thais in the past represented by playing with the language, an outstanding art of Thais. Language play is a creative and useful activity for everyone, regardless of class and gender; furthermore it can be adapted to use with the creative traveler. Khlong Len Son Ha, a language play from the period of King Rama V that the royal family played when they traveled to Si Chang Island, is not well known. Khlong Len Son Ha is not a real hide and seek game, it is poems that portray locations on Si Chang Island so the players must know the sites and landscape of the island. Khlong Len Son Ha contains 21 poems and there were six players: 1) King Rama V; 2) Her Royal Highness Phra Nang Chao Phra Raj Dhevi; 3) Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand; 4) Prince Samativong Varodai; 5) Her Royal Highness Nabhabaraprabha and 6) Prince Chakarabongse Bhuvanarda.

Author Biography

Sukanya Sujachaya

Professor in master degree curriculum for Thai language, Faculty of Humanities, Srinakarinwirot University


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