Chao Pho Thap: The Roles of Chao Pho Thap and the Tradition of the Chao Pho Thap Procession for Local Communities


  • Catthaleeya Aungthongkamnerd


Chao Pho Thap, roles, God, Chao Pho Thap Procession


The objectives of this study are to: 1) gather information about Chao Pho Thap, Chao Pho Thap Shrines and the Chao Pho Thap Procession; 2) investigate the roles of Chao Pho Thap and the tradition of the Chao Pho Thap procession for local communities.

Based on the findings, Chao Pho Thap is highly regarded by local people for his power in providing protection and bringing them prosperous lives. The procession is held annually to honor and pay homage to Chao Pho Thap. In terms of their roles, Chao Pho Thap and the Chao Pho Thap Procession play important roles for local communities in four functions: 1) providing local people with spiritual support; 2) controlling the behavior of local people; 3) enhancing social harmony; and 4) providing local people with a range of entertainment activities.

Author Biography

Catthaleeya Aungthongkamnerd

Assistant Professor Department of Linguistics, Folklore, Philosophy, and Religions, Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University


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