Journey of the Soul: the Components and Roles of the Hymns in Kongtek (Chaozhou Chinese Funerals) in Thai Society


  • Narut Kupthanaroj


Hymns in Kongtek (Chaozhou Chinese Funerals), Component, Role


The objective of this article is to detail a study of the components and roles of the hymns in Kongtek (Chaozhou Chinese Funerals) in Thai Society. The results indicate that the hymns in Kongtek comprise various components including, the declaration of a leader responsible for a significant role in guiding a spirit to the afterlife and also removing obstacles during the journey of a spirit; the declaration of a spirit’s destination; the declaration of the path connecting to the afterlife; the declaration of the vehicle taking a spirit to the afterlife; and the obstacles during the journey. The roles of the hymns are to emphasize the relationship of spirits with their residences; to alleviate anxiety or grief of their families; and to be a doctrine and a blessing for their families.

Author Biography

Narut Kupthanaroj

Lecturer, Department of Thai Language, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rangsit University


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