Folk wisdom in Ban Hin Tang, Khao San Sub-district, Ban Phue District, Udon Thani Province


  • Sunit Hemanil


Folk wisdom, local wisdom scholars, Ban Hin Tang


This article aims to study the community context and folk wisdom management in Ban Hin Tang in order to propagate and preserve Esan folk wisdom. The study used a qualitative research method and fifty key informants comprising local wisdom scholars, community leaders, ex-community leaders, the elders and villagers who have lived in Ban Hin Tang over 20 years.

The research results found that Ban Hin Tang is an agricultural society. From past to present, the villagers believe in sacred spaces and the supernatural that can be related to the principles of Buddhism. In particular, the beliefs are related to ancestral spirits who are the guardians for their descendants. The villagers have received folk wisdom from being an agricultural society, combining preservation by ancestors, which is the key factor in the creation of folk wisdom in many ways. The folk wisdom benefits the villagers and their community. In addition, such wisdom can be applied for sustainable development in economic and social stability.

Author Biography

Sunit Hemanil

Lecturer, Faculty of Public Administration, Udon Thani Rajabhat University (Bueng Kan)


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