Dynamics of Narratives and Strategies of Humor Creation In Cham Uat Na Cho : Choi the Series


  • Kamonphan Deerabram
  • Sarapee Khowdee


Cham Uat Na Cho, Choi the Series, Dynamics of Narratives, Strategies of Humor Creation


This article describes the results of a study that examined the dynamics of narratives and the strategies of humor creation in Cham Uat Na Cho: Choi the Series. The study collected data from 30 episodes aired from January 6, 2019 to August 4, 2019.The findings show that interms ofnarrative dynamics, there are two issues: (1) story selection and (2) story adaptation. Story selection involves three sources: Thai stories; foreign stories; and guest-related stories that involve current events or new stories. Story adaptation includes three forms of adaptation: plot events; characters; and story names. Regarding humor creation strategies, two main strategies can be observed: (1) insertion of humorous features and (2) infusion of humorous language. The first strategy has nine features: physical appearance teasing; elderly people teasing; sexual implication; use of violence; reference to reputation; two-character acting; gestures; dressing; and the use of acting equipment. The second strategy involving language use has three features: word play; use of different voices; and use of questions. The findings indicate that the series Cham Uat Na Cho is TV media that conforms to popular culture. That is to say, this show was specially produced for specific consumers and generally recognized by most of them in society by using an important media for dissemination. As a result, Cham Uat Na Cho has brought entertainment to viewers until now. Moreover, it is an important tool that has promoted the local Thai music, “Pleng Choi”, to gain ground in mass media and to be more widely known.

Author Biographies

Kamonphan Deerabram

ฺBachelor degree student in program of Thai and Communication, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University

Sarapee Khowdee

Assistant professor in program of Thai and Communication, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University


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