Piano Pedagogy Content for Intermediate Students at Age 8-12

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Nion Tayrattanachai


              The purpose of this research is to study and investigate piano pedagogy content at the intermediate level, age 8-12 years old, based on the perspective of Thai piano teachers focusing on a specific area of content in piano pedagogy, with the main goal to answer the question, “What is the contents of piano pedagogy for students age 8-12?” The methodology of qualitative research is employed to acquire in-depth information from five participants. Participants in this study included experienced piano teachers and the selection was based on the criteria of Thai nationality as well as expertise.

              The results of this research are contents for piano students at age 8-12, covered six topics 1) objectives 2) technics 3) repertoires 4) reading 5) ear training and 6) activities. The results of this research is advantageous to piano teachers, as well as students who interested in piano pedagogy contents and approaches. The content will influence the preparation of quality piano teachers and music teachers in the future. Moreover, the study will prove helpful in preparing successful piano students.

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