Strategic factors for successful e-commerce in the retailing

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Kittichai Kasemsarn



The critical issue for e-commerce business is determining factors that lead to failure or success. Additionally, the success of the e-commerce site is related to the ability to attract online shoppers to make purchases. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the strategic factors that effect e-commerce success and the research question is “What are significant strategic factors that lead towards the level of Internet purchasing?” To accomplish the research question, the online survey was emailed to each individual of’s members, the representatives of worldwide online users, on 30 July 2010, and the total from 1000 was returned back 112 responses (11.2 percent).'Consequently, the output from Statistical Package for Social Sciences or SPSS version 14 for Windows program was analyzed.

As a result, reducing risk is the strongest factor that leads towards the level of Internet purchasing, following by web design in the context of web atmospherics, but service in terms of e-CRM and online marketing in terms of email marketing are not the factor that leads towards the level of Internet purchasing.

Moreover, this research is one of the first studies that integrates theories and strategic factors and proposes the factors that effect the level of Internet purchasing (e-commerce success). When an online company is struggling for e-commerce success and only technology does not provide the answer. The four factors discussed in this study will provide direction for online businesses. Consequently, the results will enable online companies to increase online purchasing by improving the significant factors.

Keyword: e-commerce, retailing, internet marketing

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