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Policy published in the Journal of the Association of Researchers.
for the publication of research reports or academic articles in the Journal of the Association of Researchers successfully It is a journal that meets international standards and is truly beneficial. Both the sender of the research report or academic articles that benefit users from research or those academic articles including the Association of Researchers in the preparation of journals The Association of Researchers has established guidelines and recommendations for submitting research reports. or academic articles for publication in the journal as follows:
General guidelines
1) Research Article is an article that presents research. about buddhism educational administration community development social development, political science, public administration, linguistics, applied studies as well as other interdisciplinary
2) The review article/Academic Article is an analytical article. criticize or propose a new idea or academic articles in the humanities and social sciences
3) Book Review: An article written for an academic review of a book or an academic textbook. Such books or textbooks must contain content in the humanities and social sciences.

All three are research reports or academic articles that have never been published anywhere before.

4) Research report submitter or academic articles for a fee A member of the Researchers Association of Thailand in the amount of 4,000 baht. Those who are not a member of the association 4,500 baht, pay to account number 069-2-555188, Thai Military Bank. Kasetsart University Branch and inform the transfer slip, article title, via E-mail: and imported into the web journal in the Thaijo system, which is in the Discussion section

Articles submitted for publication must not have been published or are under consideration by a qualified person for publication in another journal. Article authors must comply with the guidelines for submitting academic articles or research articles for publication in journals. strictly Including the reference system must be in accordance with the criteria of the journal.

Please read the author's instructions. author's instructions.คำแนะนำสำหรับผู้เขียน