With the Association of Researchers of Thailand Journal, ISSN number 0859-2330, as a journal publication And have a channel to view the magazine online at the website https://www.ar.or.th And https://so04.tci-thaijo.org Currently focusing on book publishing

Open Access Policy
       Published 4  issues per year

       1st issue January - March

       2nd issue April - June

      3rd issue July-September

      4rd issue October - December

By sending the Office of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), Office of Higher Education Commission (OCSC), Office of Research Fund (TRF), Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) Reference: Thai Journal (TCI), Library, Institute of Education Members of the research association, public and private agencies nationwide

Aims & scope of journals

1. Business and International Management
2. General Arts and Humanities
3. General Social Sciences
4. Education
5. Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
Accepting articles in both Thai and English Journal of the Society of Researchers The purpose is to promote the study And to disseminate research articles and academic articles to researchers, scholars, faculty and students at the graduate level. In the dimension to support education, teaching, research, and journals focusing on applied and interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social sciences Every article is published. The type of peer-review has been considered by experts. There is an evaluation by specifying the number of experts evaluating 3 or more articles in a concealed title of the article owner. And conceal the assessor's name as double blinded

Types of works published in journals

1) Research Article (Research Article) is an article that presents research on sociology, liberal arts in applied education and interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social sciences.

2) Academic Article is an analytical article. Criticize or propose new ideas

3) Review Article is an article in the form of criticism or explanation of the supporting reasons for the agreed and different opinions in the academic view.

The process of considering articles from experts
      The journal of the association of researchers has a quality assessment process from experts before publication. It was considered by at least 2 experts in a double blind peer-reviewed manner. Articles from internal authors will be considered by experts outside the journal writing agency. Articles from external authors will be considered by internal experts. Or outside agencies that produce journals with direct expertise in that field and have no stakeholders with authors Conduct an assessment of the quality of the articles according to the format of the journal.