Announcement on the criteria for reviewing articles to be published in the Journal of the Association of Researchers
The journal accepts both Thai and English articles. The objective is to promote research studies. and to disseminate research articles and academic articles to researchers, academics, faculty members and graduate students. In terms of supporting education, teaching, research, journals focus on applied and interdisciplinary educational articles in the humanities and social sciences. and to improve the quality of journals
1. "of articles" type of low impact  such as research articles, opinion level measurements. measure of satisfaction attitude measurement using basic statistics by causing benefits in less research knowledge, etc.
2. The journal therefore informs all references to be changed in English. In the case of references from Thai language, all items must be translated into English according to translation principles. Consider the APA Format (6th ed.)
Guide for Authors for details. Every article published using peer-review has been reviewed by experts. There is an assessment by specifying the number of experts to evaluate the article, 3 or more, in a form that hides the article owner's name. and conceal the evaluator's name as a double blinded Publicly
Reason for reject can't to publish
-The article does not conform to the Journal of the Association of Researchers.
- Low impact articles use basic statistics and do not generate new knowledge. such as repetitive research only difference area
- Articles with a copy value of more than 20%
-Wrong research methodology article
- Articles are evaluated refusing to publish
- Articles that have been reviewed and found to be duplicated
Announced Starting from 1 July 2021, please proceed from the 26th issue of the 3rd issue onwards.