Strategic management in the Juridical Process for Preventing Critical Recidivism in Thai Juvenile and Family Court

  • Panida Chinsuvapala
Keywords: Management Strategy, Administration of Ministry of Justice, Strategic Management Model, Critical Interpretivism


This research shall analyze the internal and external factors, weakness and strength of the organization. This is the strength of strategic management. In the meantime, the weakness of information technology lacks a professional person including the limitation of public relations of the court to the public. Sometimes, cooperation request to the public sector seems not to proceed immediately because of government regulations. Plus, a lack of social workers or psychologists and the discontinuity of the work time of organization leader enable the framework stumbled or delayed. The suggestions from the research is the followings: 1)        Strategic management of person to develop critical thinking of new project or management for preventing critical recidivism in juvenile by the leader do not adhere the original regulations. 2) To add strategy and new tools with the current world situation. 3) Expand strategy in public relations to mobilize volunteer from outside 4) should legislate to prevent and protect rather than stay alerted and must be practical in order to be suitable for criminal trial and more dangerous to society. 5) Adjust strategy management and create more enthusiasm in the operation of the associate judge or related officer to contribute pride.        6) Juvenile and Family Court must come out to society to acknowledge problems and resolutions with tools and strategy for society to analyze the problems and be prepared for the cooperation.


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