Thailand Professional Qualification Framework: Are Necessarily Good Policy Practice, Especially for Aviation Personnel?

  • Rawat Garchotechai
Keywords: Professional Qualification Frameworks, National Qualification Frameworks, Aviation personnel


In the global marketplace, professional qualification is an instrument to success in professional services. Thus, it is important to study the Thailand Professional Qualification Framework (TPQF) policy and practice. This paper, through a comprehensive literature review, reveals that in terms of Professional Qualification Framework (PQF) and National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs). PQF and NQFs has similar dimension and perspective. Several Europe countries, Australia and New Zealand invented NQFs by emphasizing vocational qualifications; whereas, United Kingdom and Thailand established PQF by focusing on competency based of work experiences. This paper also reveals that a necessary policy practice for Thai employees, especially aviation personnel. In the other words, TPQF probably expect benefit areas for aviation personnel. The review shown in this paper that TPQF essential to aviation personnel in different aspects; facilitating the movement of professionals; ensuring professional standard and supporting lifelong learning. Albeit some countries outcomes-led qualification frameworks are unlikely to succeed.


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