The Effect of Training Formalities on Sportsmanship Development: A Case Study of Kasem Bundit University Futsal Club Professional Players

  • Pathomporn Sombatthavee
Keywords: Training formalities, sportsmanship, sports spirit, Kasem Bundit University Futsal Club professional players


The purpose was to assess the effectiveness of training formalities in desirable characteristics of sportsmanship development of professional players in Kasem Bundit University Futsal Club. Three steps of study were (1) surveying the training necessity and needs among players, administrators, coaches, assistant coaches and official, a total of 28 people; (2) training 20 professional futsal players with three types of training formalities within one day, namely, using activities as a medium to develop self-emotional control, unity harmony and good courtesy, using video clips to learn to develop sports spirit and using group division to exchange knowledge; and (3) training formality assessment using content comprehension test on desirable characteristics and five-Level Likert’s scale for open questions. Participating athletes congruently agreed the most on self-emotional control and sports spirit of desirable characteristic of sportsmanship, and mostly agreed with good courtesy and unity harmony. In conclusion, training formalities on desirable characteristics of sportsmanship development could satisfactorily help develop professional futsal players, notwithstanding that coaches should constantly intervene and nourish sportsmanship during training or before competition for better comprehension to enhance effectiveness of the training formalities


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