Relationships between core competencies and working efficiency : A Case study of Prommaharaj Development Land Co., Ltd.

  • Supaporn Siriphueng
Keywords: Relationships, Care Competency, Working Efficiency, Supporting Staff


The research aimed to study the core competencies of personnel achievement ability, good service, accumulation of expertise in careers, adherence to morality and ethics, as well as teamwork, the relationships between core competency focus and working efficiency of supporting staffs was studied  at Prommaharaj Development Land Co.,Ltd. The results show that the working efficiency was at a high level. However, supporting staff with different work experience and the different education have different opinions about the overall core competency focus (p<0.01). The research results were 1) Work performance competency of personnel in Prommaharaj Development Land Co., Ltd. was overall at a high level. The first  performance competency, ranked in descending order of their mean scores, was collaborative competency, achievement oriented competency, and interity competency, and 2) there was a relationship at a high level with statistical significance at .01 level between competency supporting factors and work performance competency of the personnel in Prommaharaj Development Land Co., Ltd. These two findings were congruent with the set hypothesis


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