The Impact of Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing Tools on the Performance of the Small and Medium Enterprises of Ceramics Industry in Thailand

  • Chanikan Panomupatam
Keywords: Keywords: Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing Tools, Performance


The purposes of this research were to examine the general characteristics, marketing strategies, digital marketing and performance of Ceramic industry in Thailand operated by SMEs, to determine relationship among general characteristics, marketing strategies, digital marketing, and performance of Ceramic industry in Thailand operated by SMEs. and to analyze general characteristics, marketing strategies, digital marketing and  performance of Ceramic Industry in Thailand operated by SMEs. The author decides to use mixed methodology of In-depth Interview with 5 entrepreneurs and questionnaires.  The Sample size was 189 entrepreneurs. This purpose is used method for Multi-stage sampling. Statistics include Frequency Distribution, Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Hierarchical Stepwise Regression Analysis.

The studies revealed that the general characteristics of most complementary and accessory firms established for more than 11 years use their private capital/raise funds. The educational institutes promoted the involvement of the use of technology, and marketing strategies of the product focused on the product brand’s price suggested that the price label must be given clearly.  The place was focused on the direct channel by the salespersons of the company, while the promotion was focusing on the involvement of the person selling. Moreover, from the studies of the digital marketing using the social media market, it has revealed that the LINE, chatting application, was fast and convenient to access to the clients. Meanwhile, the emphasis of content marketing on the website is to give the useful information about the product. Also, the viral marketing, which affects directly the perception of the product, is focused on employing the celebrities to promote the product. Furthermore, the financial department performance emphasizes on the increasing of profits, and the marketing is concerned about the customers’ satisfaction. From the influence of the general characteristics of the firm, marketing strategies, and digital marketing tools, it has revealed that the pair with the highest value is the key variable which was the marketing strategies in pricing and performance. The variables analysis result was 70.2%



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