TOEIC Preparation Course for Aviation Personnel Development Institute Students

  • Suwimon Maliwan
Keywords: TOEIC, English preparation



          This research aims to: 1) study English Language Preparation Methods of the Aviation Personnel Development Institute Students at Kasem Bundit University 2) study the effectiveness of the TOEIC Preparation Course, resulting in a higher score on the TOEIC test, and 3) measure the positive attitude of the APDI students toward their English improvement. The population and sample were 150 students who enrolled in the Intensive Course. A simple random sampling technique was used for the students who were taught by the researcher. The tool used in this research was the TOEIC training manual (English for Academic Purposes). The statistics used were percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The research findings were as follows: 1) methods of preparation for English language selection was English language training (91%) and 2) TOEIC test score of students after the completion of the TOEIC Preparation Course was compared to the TOEIC score of the latest TOEIC test of the students. The collected data showed that the English language of the students was improved with the TOEIC score that increased by 83% of the study population, and 3) the attitude questionnaires were sent to the students after the test and they had received the score. The results of the overall assessment after completion of the course were that students had a positive attitude toward the TOEIC Preparation Course and English language improvement.


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